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Metz Tea Herb & Fruit Preparation

Creating that perfect cup of herbal tea can be as simple or as specific as creating the perfect shot. Loose leaf, gorilla style, extra hot, extra wide… Serving au natural, and filming with the...


Metz Tea 101

Not your grandmother’s tea…. There is a Metz Tea for any mood, all occasions and every taste. As with the variety of teas offered, the cinematography captures the bold, the mild, the hot, the...


Guided sensory stress reduction

Guided sensory stress reduction (maybe with a hot cup of tea/coffee): – Too often, we forget to focus on our environment. Using our senses to do this can help us stay present in the...


Wild Heart

Starring Kate Reece Instagram: Shot by Dalton Uibel Website: Instagram: Shot on Red Epic MX 5k Likes: 0 Viewed: source


Excerpt from RED HOT

Gabrio Gabrielli Solo with condom excerpt from RED HOT Choreography and Set Mark Sieczkarek Likes: 1 Viewed: source



PIN–UP 29, the Revolution Issue – order it here: On the cover: Bold graphics by Office Ben Ganz responsible for PIN–UP’s new design direction. Inside: activist graphic language selections from Jerome Harris; Paola Antonelli...

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